Reviewed by Lory Martinez
7 Deadly Sins, choreographed by JoEllen Kuhlman, premiered on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) to an adoring audience. The program, which featured more than a few standout performances, showcased Binghamton University’s talent in a way that can only be described as picturesque.
The ladies representing each sin were clad in beautiful costumes designed by Pamela Ghigliotti, and together with a simple set design, the stage was set for a series of brilliant short-form pieces each representing one of the seven “deadlies.”
Kiana Smith, who, clad in an ethereal blue gown, gave audiences a short but haunting rendition of “Sloth” to the tune of “Cello Theme” by Craig Armstrong. Kate Leenig and Doug Mackay offered a raw and emotional rendition of “Pride” to Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” the song that inspired the show’s theme. A personal favorite of this reviewer is standout performer Courtney Schiff, whose impeccable performance of “Envy,” alongside Mackay, Nicole Dlug and Lane Luangxay, was the highlight of the evening.
The best thing about this show was that it showcased individual talent in a way past BU dance shows haven’t. Each “sin” is presented in a compelling way, with the spotlight on a single dancer and her story. In the end, though, the 10-person company took the stage and dominated it, both individually and together, as in the finale, “Seven Devils,” performed to a song of the same name by Florence and The Machine.
All in all, “7 Deadly Sins” is a brilliant showcase of BU talent and is definitely worth a viewing. The final performance will be at 2 p.m. this afternoon (Sunday, Feb. 16) at the Anderson Center at Binghamton University.