SikoraArts is a new art space that would like to focus on the promotion and valorization of American Abstractionism, interesting itself in artworks that follow the footsteps of the Abstract masters such as Alexander Calder, Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock, Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, John Diebenkorn, etc. SikoraArts dedicates great energy and insight to the rediscovering and relaunching of the true avant-garde movements of Kinetic, Programmed and Optical art, establishing direct, often exclusive relationships and dealings with non-representational abstract artists. This project, maybe the first one in Cortlandville, has been enthusiastically recognized by both critics and the market in the European new millennium. SikoraArts wants to dedicate its primary activity to presenting a type of art that challenges the viewer with the most varied form of media, maintaining a dynamic attitude towards chromatic vibration and luministic inquiry. In addition, SikoraArts wants to engage in forceful and purely cultural endeavors at regular intervals organizing exhibitions and artistic reviews in its new art space at 1010 McLean Road. Our venue is dedicated to distinguishing those movements and artists that the art world has finally acknowledged and now celebrates, but it is also committed to promoting innovative talent and worth.
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