At this week’s Heart of the Arts Celebration, we remembered some of the men and women who were lost to the arts community in 2015 and 2016. The following is an expanded list, gleaned from the obituary notices in the Press & Sun-Bulletin. Please feel free to make additions and/or offer remembrances in the comments area.


Dr. Delos “Jerry” Aumock Jr., April 3, arts supporter and founding member of Ti-Ahwaga Players
Lucille S. Fenning, 89, July 5, founder of Landmark Society of Broome County
Dennis Bock, 65, July 7, drummer
Jean Milano, July 7, music teacher
Bruce MacGregor, 83, July 18, musician and educator
Robert White, 67, July 29, musician (The Stoutmen)
Donald Godfrey, 82, July 29, saxophonist and music store owner
Paul S. Griffiths, 77, July 30, choral singer
Ralph Hall, 77, July 30, theater producer, educator and former executive director of BCAC
Harold P. Hingos Sr., 88, July 31, union stage hand
Ann P. Kolata, 98, Aug. 6, choral singer
Rhoda Lerman, 79, Aug. 30, author
Barbara J. Hand, 81, Sept. 1, pianist and music teacher
Joseph H. Lindsley, 95, Sept. 8, artist and framer
Merritt Duane Payne, 93, Oct. 11, barbershop singer
Roger W. Taylor, 91, Oct. 26, barbershop singer
Jeanette van Dorsten Stahl, 96, Oct. 27, pianist, choral singer and former president of the Harmony Club of Binghamton
Elsie Mae Williams, 90, Oct. 29, pianist and country singer
Harriett Storozow, 83, Oct. 21, pianist and church organist
Judith I. Tippin, 72, Nov. 1, band teacher
Neil H. Garges, 82, Nov. 1, saxophonist and clarinetist with community ensembles
Wayne “Bucky” Walter, 75, Nov. 6, member of country and bluegrass bands
Elizabeth Freed, Nov. 9, painter
William L. Davis, 82, Nov. 15, community singer and performer
Marilyn Gaddis Rose, 85, Nov. 15, literature professor and philanthropist
Marie A. Antoni, 56, Nov. 16, Summer Savoyards volunteer
Marguerite Perfetti, 88, Nov. 22, choral singer
Joseph J. Wallikas, 91, Dec. 2, special effects film maker
Theodore “Ted” C. Wrench, 81, Dec. 18, fiddler and host of Wrench Wranch Bluegrass Round-Up
Dennis J. Holmes, 64. Dec. 27, drummer
Michael Putrino, 60, Dec. 23, bass player and audio engineer


Dale Campfield, 85, Jan. 3, Tri-Cities Opera chorister and comic actor
Anne Marie Convertino, 86, Jan. 6, choral singer and former Anderson Center assistant director
Leon J. Bill, 86, Jan. 7, director
Doris B. Romich, 91, Jan. 10, musician and co-founder of the Mello-Dears Drum and Bugle Corps
Donald W. Yates, 80, Jan. 10, choral singer
Ann B. Van Atta, 72, Jan. 11, board member: BCAC, Binghamton Ballet, Southern Tier Zoological Society and Roberson Center; Roberson Director of Development
Paul Goughary, Jan. 12, musician
Cornelius “Mac” McGhee, 79, Jan. 15, blues musician
Susan M. Allen, 71, Jan. 29, Binghamton Symphony Orchestra board member
William J. “Bill” Garrett, 90, Feb. 1, musician
Elynor “Noni” Smith, 89, March 1, actor and 2006 HOTA Lifetime Achievement Award winner
Clinton (Abe) Lainhart, 86, March 7, country and bluegrass musician
Larry Denniston, 70, March 22, longtime member of the Binghamton Downtown Singers
Frederick Gerard (“Gerry”) Hough, 68, May 22, TCO board member
Steven M. Stein, May 27, co-founder of the local chapter of USA Dance Club
Beverly Darling McLean, May 26, artist and supporter of the arts
Andrew B. Chupka, 75, June 5, choral singer
Angelo Roma, June 7, drummer
Lyla J. Vining-Wolford, 67, June 12, community musician
Alan Arthur Katz, 68, June 24, photographer and set designer
Denise Murray, 76, July 1, Binghamton Philharmonic board member
Doris H. Aldrich, 96, July 3, BC Pops/TCO/BPO volunteer
Bernard J. “Bernie” Bingel, 70, July 10, community theater volunteer and performer
Sofia Moore, 86, July 16, community singer
John “Jack” A. Caton, 87, July 20, barbershop singer
Jessie A. Godfrey, 88, July 23, opera singer
Richard. A Friend, 92, July 27, pianist and arts supporter
Margaret D. Louden, 97, July 30, pianist and music instructor
Mary Naugle, 84, Aug. 2, music teacher
Joseph A. “Joey” Campo, 57, Aug. 8, rock musician
Erwin “Smitty” Smith, 81, Aug. 27, musician
Isidore O. Okpewho, 74, Sept. 4, author and academic
Russell A. Hawkes, 81, Sept. 13, arts supporter, TCO stalwart and co-founder of the BC Pops