Reviewed by Sarah Kuras
The  Broadway Theater League presented another award-winning show this past Sunday(March 11) at The Forum in Binghamton: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. This was my first time seeing this iconic show, which sets a collection of T.S. Eliot poems set to music with flawless choreography and a rocking score. This musical is a great family experience, with fun dance numbers, whimsical cat costumes and memorable characters.
The first number revealed that each cat has a proper name but also a “Jellicle” name, which is an individual name for each cat. Of course, “Memory,” now a Broadway repertoire standard, was the most recognizable number, and it featured incredible singing by Melissa Grohowski (Grizabella). However, “Macavity,” with its jazz-inspired choreography and stellar dancing by Rachel Boone (Demeter) and Ashley Chasteen (Bombalurina), was my favorite. Another great number was “Mr. Mistoffelees,” with amazing solo dance work by Chaz Wolcott.
It is always a pleasure to see performances at The Forum. Growing up near New York City, I became accustomed to cramped theaters on Broadway. I prefer The Forum because it offers a much more relaxed, comfortable and personal experience.