In a recent Wall Street Journal article, American author, teacher and social critic Camille Paglia wrote  that “too many artists have lost touch with the general audience and have retreated to an airless echo chamber…
“For the arts to revive in the U.S., young artists must be rescued from their sanitized middle-class backgrounds. We need a revalorization of the trades that would allow students to enter those fields without social prejudice (which often emanates from parents eager for the false cachet of an Ivy League sticker on the car). Among my students at art schools, for example, have been virtuoso woodworkers who were already earning income as craft furniture-makers. Artists should learn to see themselves as entrepreneurs.”
Paglia, a self-described dissident feminist, was born in Endicott and was valedictorian of her 1968 Harpur College (Binghamton University) class. She is a professor at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.
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