Calling all artists! The BU Food Sustainability group, an internship for university students, is sponsoring a new environmental justice arts competition along with the Bundy Museum of History and Art. Environmental injustice can be seen throughout the Binghamton community and is often overlooked by government officials. This competition/exhibit’s goal is to raise awareness and educate the public on this current issue. The overarching question, “What does environmental injustice/justice in Binghamton mean to you?”, aims to not only inspire artists but also to inspire the Binghamton community at large to work for solutions. Go to our Instagram @bufoodsustainability for updates. We look forward to seeing your art!


Specific details/criteria:


  • Any questions can be emailed to 
  • All submissions must be sent to the email above by NOV 22ND
  • You are responsible for sending photographs, sketches, images, video, or sound files that clearly convey your piece
  • Along with your submission, send your full name, the dimensions of your piece, a title, brief description, and intended message of the piece. 
  • Any form of art is encouraged! Spoken-word, poetry, singing, painting, and pottery are just a few examples.
  • If you are doing a form of performance art (spoken word, singing, etc.) you must be able to attend the opening party on Dec. 6th.
  • All submitted pieces must address the theme of environmental justice in Binghamton and creatively increase awareness for the audience.
  • Work/performance must be suitable for a public setting 
  • No admission fee may be charged
  • All concepts, ideas, and artwork must be original work of artist submitting proposal