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Author’s Showcase – Artist Talk

“Thoughts from Behind the Lens” with Greg A. Chianis.

Please join local architect and noted photographer Greg A. Chianis at 1:00pm on Saturday, March 28th, in the Artisan Gallery as he shares his personal insight and stories behind the creation of some of his more meaningful photographic images. He will present a select group of images and share with us his thoughts from behind the lens, and guide us along the roadmap of his photographic journey.

His intense passion with the photographic art form began shortly after a painful three-year treatment for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer.  The battle with this life threatening disease changed his life forever, and he soon realized that every minute mattered. Following his treatment, and now in remission, a mysterious inner voice suggested he pick up a camera and document the world around him.  Image making soon became more than just a passion, it became a daily way of life. Traveling extensively to all parts of the United States and to many countries in Europe, he has developed a unique style that evokes loneliness, independence, solitude, beauty and strength.  Each image has been conceived with the intent of telling the viewer a story.