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Join us SAT. JULY 13th, 2019 from 10:00am to 12:00pm at Binghamton Photo, 32 Cedar Street as Tara Monaco, a SUNY Broome Photography Instructor, facilitates a Photography Workshop for students and student members.

Students will learn the principles of photographic development and composition by making photograms—the art of producing images by placing objects on photosensitive paper. Binghamton Photo, Broome County’s only community darkroom space and photo lab, director and SUNY Broome Photography instructor Tara Monaco will show students how to print images of found objects on photo paper using enlargers and safe solutions. In the process of becoming acquainted with the darkroom, students will learn the chemistry behind photo development and about positive and negative. The darkroom can only accommodate 10 students, but students can participate in a tour of the Bundy Museum while they wait or after finishing up this photograms!

Max 20 students, grades 6-12 (parents are welcome to attend, but darkroom space—where the event will take place—is limited. Parents may be asked to remain outside the darkroom area.) Free for BCAC student and family members.

Business of Art Workshops are free for BCAC Members, and $15 for the general public. Pre-Registration is required. Email awarfield@broomearts.org to reserve you place. For more information on future Business of Art Workshops, please use the following link: https://broomearts.org/education/the-business-of-art/