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Everett De Morier became a professional writer in 1994, when he sold a copy of his son’s ultrasound picture along with an article entitled “My Wife Is Having the Reincarnation of Elvis” to the Weekly World News. For this, he received fifty dollars and a Bat Boy T-shirt.

De Morier has appeared on CNN, Fox News Network, NPR, and ABC, as well as in The New York Times and the London Times. He has also written for In-Fisherman, Florida Keys, Bride, and Parenting.

De Morier is the author of Crib Notes for the First Year of Marriage: A Survival Guide for Newlyweds and Crib Notes for the First Year of Fatherhood: A Survival Guide for New Fathers, both from Fairview Press.
For more information about Everett check out his website.

When his latest book, The Invention of Everything
Insights on Life, Food, and One Good Thermos, was complete, the publisher scheduled a pre-release tour in Binghamton due to the strong ties of the book to the area.

In wanting to connect Binghamton with these events, interviews were set up with local artists as background for the videographer traveling with them. But it was soon discovered that by using these book events as a framing device, you could capture great material about the lives of those who live and create in the area. People embraced the concept and the scope expanded.

And what started out needing only a single camera, migrated to full film and sound crews and the project took on an identity of its own. A documentary about the art scene in Binghamton.

On February 21st, Everett De Morier will read and sign his new book The Invention of Everything: Insights on Life, Food, and One Good Thermos. Then the documentary Binghamton: The Valley of Creativity, will premiere and be seen for the very first time.

Immediately after, the film will go live online and will be made free to the public.