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Harpur Cinema presents ‘Cold War’ – Paweł Pawlikowski – Poland – 2018

A director of remarkable economy and powerful emotional depth, Pawlikowski takes us from the countryside of Poland in 1949 to the streets of East Berlin, from Paris to Yugoslavia, over 15 years, to unfold his tale of a turbulent and passionate romance between two musicians, Wiktor and Zula, divided by incompatible ambitions and different responses to Poland’s political regime. With its gorgeous black-and-white photography, its 4:3 aspect ratio evoking confinement, its textured lighting, and uniquely expressive composition of the frame, Cold War is “a magnificent visual poem” that crosses boundaries at once musical, geographical, political and ultimately existential (CultureBox).
Won: Cannes Film Festival, Best Director – European Film Awards, Best Editor / Director / Actress / Film – Gaudí Awards, Best Film – Polish Film Festival, Golden Lion

Nominated: Academy Awards, Best Foreign Film / Cinematography / Director – Goya Awards, Best Film – Toronto International Film Festival, People’s Choice