Binghamton artist Judy Salton

Window on the Arts & Music Festival 2010Windsor celebrated its third annual Window on the Arts Festival on Saturday (Sept. 18), and it was  perfect. Painters, potters, jewelry makers, fabric and glass artists, farmers and food vendors plied their wares on the village green. Musicians played (Kelly Birtch was playing classical guitar when I arrived) and sang for the people who wended their way from tent to tent, table to table.  Among the festival’s sensory impressions:  The harmonies of “Four of Hearts” women’s barbershop quartet, singing “Sweet Adeline” in front of Windsor Whip Works Art Gallery; the dusty scent of concord grapes at a farmers’ market table; the sight of a wonder-blue sky; the feel of bright sun perfectly tempered on the skin.  There was a moment, standing at the top of the hill on the village green (which organizers advertise as the only one in Broome County) when it all felt unreal, like a Norman Rockwell painting or a Hollywood cliche’ .  So I popped a grape into my mouth, savored the flavor, spit out the seed, fell back to Earth, and landed smack dap in the middle of real life art, good fellowship and peaceful commerce on a sunny September afternooon.  Full disclosure:  The festival was funded in part by a project grant from the United Cultural Fund, a program of the Broome County Arts Council.  Were you there, too?