This isn’t exactly good cop/bad cop, but, now that Sharon has warmly welcomed you to Broome Arts Mirror, I’m here to remind you that, as we all learned from Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.”
BAMirror’s mission is to “provide a forum for INFORMED, RESPECTFUL” conversation.” Therefore, as editor, I reserve the right to moderate submissions and possibly modify language.
Obviously, the primary reason for this requirement is that we envision BAMirror as an online salon: smart, sensible, somewhat sophisticated. It’s not a place for personal grudges or rumor-mongering. Civility and adherence to the golden rule are particularly imperative when submitting commentary or a performance review.
Also, like every other arts organization in Broome County, the arts council is concerned not only with today’s arts patrons but with the gallery-goers and audience members of the future. We will be encouraging youthful participation in the blog. Therefore, as a general rule, we want submissions to be rated no more than PG. If the subject matter requires a more “adult” treatment, it will be duly noted at the beginning of your submission, and stronger language or images will not appear on the cover or home page.
As Sharon mentioned, you will have to register to participate. You may have a “nom de blog” as your on-screen persona when submitting comments, but we at the arts council will need to know how to find you in the real world. Full-length articles, especially reviews, will require an actual byline.
This blog is a brave new world for the arts council, and for me. Some growing pains are to be expected. Consider this an advance apology for the occasional lost post; we’ll work this out together to create a home for lively discussion about Broome County’s burgeoning arts community.
Barb Van Atta, BAMirror editor