By Nancy Oliveri
Who am I to post a review of the great Jerry Seinfeld?
Nobody at all, and that’s just fine. Because it’s the nobodies of this world who have always informed the about-nothing comedy of this genius with a microphone, a stool and a bottle of water.
The “TV show back in the ’90s,” as he calls it, opened a huge window into the workings of this comic genius’s mind. The opportunity to see him do the stand-up that gave birth to the show (and provided so many of the expressions that millions use every day) was not something I wanted to missed. But sell-out shows don’t need to “comp” local reviewers, so a big thank-you to the dear friend who “sponsored” my trip Friday night to The Forum in Binghamton.
Seinfeld’s 2014 comic riffs are about life in general, his contention being that it’s either great or it sucks, and sometimes even both at the same time. For 75 minutes or so, he talked about cell phones and bathroom stalls, bucket lists and parenting, and so much more. With a few friendly pokes at Binghamton and a compliment for the “beautiful Forum” theater, Seinfeld connected cleanly and hilariously on a local level, too.
The opening act, Mark Schiff, did a great job warming up the crowd, although the smiling audience needed very little help in that department.  The Frank Sinatra soundtrack as the crowd entered was enough to put everyone in a “New York, New York” kind of mood. We even saw a kid in the lobby who was the spitting image of a younger Jerry Seinfeld, standing, oddly enough, a few feet from The Forum’s Rod Serling exhibit. (Cue the Twilight Zone theme!)
I hope Jerry Seinfeld comes here again! I’m going to start saving for it now.