TCO Apprentice Painters with AmarA & jk!
Welcome to TCO’s paint dock and NEW 5-day apprenticeship! Teens (age 13-18) will work alongside TCO’s scenic designers, AmarA*jk, to learn the art of scenic painting. The class includes painting technique lessons, individual, and group projects. Paints and canvases will be provided. Students should bring images they are interested in using for inspiration, or they can choose from a selection provided for their individual work. Students may also bring brushes. Clothes, including shoes, socks, and hats WILL get paint on them. Keep a towel in the car to protect upholstery. All apprentice painters are invited to hang their individual project and see the completed group project on First Friday, September 6 at the 5 Riverside Library as part of the AmarA*jk Exhibit opening.
AUGUST 5th-9th: 1-4pm, $300


For additional information, contact AmarA at

The art of scenic painting is in interpreting a given image to a larger scale using the paint and surface in the best way possible. Scenic artists paint huge flat drop cloths and two-dimensional scenery to look blended with three-dimensional scenery. Our TCO Apprentice Painters will be learning the basic techniques for drop painting: preparing the canvas, laying in a background, adding layers atop layers to create the three dimensional illusion, be it a sprawling landscape or a modern bulletin board.