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Respiro en Relationship: Developing an Embodied, Somatic Painting Practice and Presencing Through the Visual Arts

Warner Varno

On View February 2 – 24, 2024
Opening Reception: Friday, February 2 from 6-9PM

Presencing is a mindfulness and artmaking practice that Warner Varno has developed through the mark-making process, creating a space for quiet contemplation, creative risk-taking, and deep listening. She feels that presencing can be a strategy for: attending to feelings of “overwhelm” (Brene Brown, Atlas of the Heart), addressing change, and challenging our post-pandemic experience, lending itself to improved state of mental, emotional, physical and relational health. It is also a physical and spiritual practice of building compassion and empathy for ourselves and the living world, moving toward progressive change. By combining mindfulness and artmaking, Warner has created a dynamic and responsive art practice with no road map, helping to address the myriad of human emotions in response to this modern life. This practice cultivates in truth-telling as a form of self-expression through the mark-making process and physical-spiritual presencing in connection to the living world.

Respiro en Relationship is Warner Varno’s Graduating MFAIA Portfolio from Goddard College.

Figure Drawing Showcase

On View: December 2023
Opening First Friday, December 1st, from 6-9 PM

Participants in the PURSUIT open figure drawing sessions at BCAC will be exhibiting some of their favorite work from the past year. Join us for a new year of figure drawing starting in January on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Nostalgia 2
Reda Abdelrahman

On View: 10/06/23 – 10/28/23
Opening First Friday, October 6th, from 6-9 PM

Born in Ismailia, Egypt and having studied at the University of Minya at the College of Fine Arts, being surrounded by outstanding Pharonic monuments and Coptic monasteries left a lasting impression on Reda Abdel Rahman, one of Egypt’s leading contemporary artists. It has resulted in his artistic expression focusing on the relationship between what he regards as his ancient Egyptian heritage and the demands of contemporary life.

View more of Reda’s work here:

Reda Abdelrahman will be giving at Artist Talk at the Closing Reception for “Nostalgia 2” on October 26th @ 6PM at Artisan Gallery.

Natalie Dadamio

On View: 07/07/23 – 07/28/23
Opening First Friday, July 7th, from 6-9 PM

SENTIENT: capable of sensing or feeling : conscious of or responsive to the sensations of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling.

By traversing time and space, colors assume various forms to evoke emotional landscapes that awaken our senses, delving into the depths of our being and beckoning us forward. Sentient asks us to embrace our childlike essence and attune ourselves to the symphony of senses. It implores us to embrace wonder, beauty, and awe, while serving as a poignant reminder of our profound interconnectedness with a force that transcends words, yet forever resonates within us.

Learn more about Natalie’s work here:

Michael Celbar Retrospective

On View: 06/02/23 – 06/30/23
Opening First Friday, June 2nd, from 6-9 PM

Michael Celbar (1947-2016) was a gifted Binghamton artist of strong vision and originality who worked in a wide variety of mediums — photography, drawings, acrylics, printing techniques, computer art and more. He leaves behind an inspired legacy of hundreds of artworks that often express his deep vision of a dark, strikingly beautiful world. This work continues to sing and dance in his absence.

Artisan Gallery is pleased to present 180 pieces from this collection, created in various mediums including acrylic, oil pastel, silkscreen, posters, computer art, ink, photography, photo collages, mono print, cardboard collage, and large scale cardboard cut-outs.

Michael Celbar is an important and significant Binghamton artist whose artwork needs to be seen and celebrated, bringing the past forward to inspire artists of today.

Emerging Artists

On View: 03/03/23  – 03/31/23
Opening First Friday, March 3rd, from 6-9 PM

The Broome County Arts Council’s Broome County High School Emerging Artists Competition is open to all high schools and high school-level home schooled children in Broome County. All work received will be displayed at the Broome County Arts Council’s Artisan gallery and in the second gallery (the Art Path) for the month of March.

All participants will receive certificates from the Broome County Arts Council with six awards granted for: composition, line & color, originality, use of medium, level of difficulty, and best of show (Best of Show award sponsored by FASST.)

Members’ Show

On View: 01/06/23  – 1/27/23

Artisan Gallery’s annual Members’ Show will be on view in the Art Path Gallery January 6th through January 27th, with an opening reception on First Friday, January 6th from 6-9 PM during our Grand Opening. The Members’ Show includes fine art from members of Broome County Arts Council.

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