October 6th, 2023 6PM – 9PM

Established in the early 2000’s by a creative trio of women dedicated to the arts, the First Friday Art Walk filled downtown Binghamton with a litany of art exhibitions and other creative happenings on the First Friday of every month. Almost 20 years later, First Friday continues to platform local artists, gallery owners, and musicians. In 2020 the Broome County Arts Council adopted the First Friday Art Walk and is proud to help preserve this community building tradition with the generous support of Broome County Government and City of Binghamton.

Please check this page for information on participating locations. Some galleries have different open times – check below for more details. BCAC encourages the public to follow CDC guidelines for safe social gatherings. More information can be found on the CDC’s website here.


Atomic Tom’s | 196 State Street
Rude and Bold Women
Group Exhibition
On view: Fridays: 5-8 pm and Saturdays: 11 am-3 pm through the month of October

The 2023 Rude and Bold Women Visual Arts Show will be held the entire month of October at Atomic Tom’s Events, at 196 State Street, in downtown Binghamton NY. In a season in which rude and bold vision is more needed than ever, Rude and Bold Women continues to strive to present the most cutting edge work of local and regional woman artists.

Open First Friday 5PM – 8PM | | Atomic Tom’s Facebook 

Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts | 186 State Street
20/20 VISION
Celebrating 20 years of ABFA
On view: 07/07/23 – 09/26/23

20 Years ago, ABFA opened on State Street and has now grown to represent more than 60 artists from all over the world. On display will be Anthony Brunelli’s latest painting along with works by 20 selected artists from our gallery’s program. The exhibit will have a special focus on Photorealism, Contemporary Realism and Hyperrealist Sculpture which our gallery has become known for.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Orazio Salati Studio & Gallery | 204 State Street
3 Artists – 3 Expressions
Cindy Henry, Fern Pritikin Lynn, Orazio Salati
On view: 10/06/23 – 11/28/23

New Mixed Media Fiber Arts, New Wax & Tar Paintings, Raku and Functional pottery.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Cooperative Gallery 213 | 213 State Street
an installation by Steph Schweitzer
On view: 09/01/23 – 09/23/23

This is an installation of various colored pieces changing color as they seemingly float in the air. The pieces are created from colored glue on translucent mylar.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Old Barn Market | 212 State Street
Art Show
On view: 09/23

Open First Friday 8AM – 9PM |

Obsidian | 209 State Street
In Transit
Giovanni Pesce
On view: 10/06/23 

Giovanni Pesce is a multi-media artist with a concentration in ceramic sculpture. He was born on Long Island but spent many of his formative years in Binghamton, New York. Giovanni is a recent graduate from Alfred University’s New York State College of Ceramics. He attended the Rod Serling School of Fine Arts in Binghamton while being mentored by accomplished gallery owner and artist Orazio Salati. In addition to his formal studies, Giovanni studied and worked under master artist Fernando Cidoncha at Sacred Art School Firenze in Florence, Italy.

Giovanni’s work delves deeply into philosophical topics of gender, sexuality, and the human experience. Much of his efforts as an artist have gone into displaying his pieces and allowing his audience to form discussions around his work.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM | Obsidian on IG

BCAC Artisan Gallery | 223 State Street
Abstract Views of the Real 
Linda Bigness
On view: 10/06/23 – 10/28/23

Simply stated my work is about the experience of painting and the materials and influences of a painter’s life.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

BCAC Art Path Gallery | 223 State Street

Reda Abdelrahman 
On view: 10/06/23 – 10/28/23

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Artist in Residence in-studio Exhibition (BCAC)| 223 State Street
All It Is and All It Ever Was
Sam Muré
On view: 10/06/23 – 10/07/23

A reckoning, a discovery; of simple, yet multilayered truths—about myself, about the world around me, hidden in plain sight. All It Is and All It Ever As: a retrospective collection of mixed media pieces that reflect an attempt to navigate my identity and lived experiences. With a by-any-means-necessary approach to my work, I combine collage, found objects, drawing, print, analog photography, and whatever else I can get my hands on to relay both fleeting and deep-rooted feelings.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


Lost Dog Cafe & Lounge | 222 Water Street 
Recent Realism
Victor Lay
On view: October 2023

Open First Friday 12PM – 10PM |


The Bundy Museum of History and Art | 129 Main Street 
View of a Gypsy
Angela Cook
On view: 10/06/23 – 11/01/23

View of a Gypsy is the collective view of the free spirited side slightly conflicted, but collaborating in the best harmonium alone in my art studio.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM | 

Binghamton Photo (1st floor gallery – adjacent to the Bundy Museum) | 32 Cedar Street
The Vacant Society: The Continuous Journey
Kaitlyn Hession
On view: 10/06/23 – 11/28/23

Around the country there are tens of thousands of structures that have remained abandoned in their original space for decades. Some corporations or independent owners have once bought the structure to either try to revive the business that had been there long ago or want to tear it down to build something new. Most of the time, however, these plans don’t happen and the vacant structure remains. After several years of not being maintained, the structure will start to crumble and become another victim of demolition by neglect.

The purpose of The Vacant Society isn’t to mourn the loss of these places that may have been part of our lives at one point in time. It’s about reconnecting with them through old photos and the stories behind it that made it become so significant.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


Muckles Ink! | 60 Court Street
Get ready for Black Bears Season!

Live printing Black Bears merch—welcome the Hockey Season Binghamton!

Also – Welcome all BU Parents to our lovely little hometown! It is parents weekend after all – so join in the fun!

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Phelps Mansion Museum | 191 Court Street
Give Me A Sign: If the Dead Could Speak 

Join us as we take a look at the rise of spiritualism in the 19th century.

It’s origins, some of the devices used to communicate with the deceased. The believers and detractors. How the spirits haunted literature with the birth of gothic horror and more!

Guests will learn about the history of spiritualism while touring the historic Phelps Mansion. Space is limited to 15 people per tour. Tour time is 7pm. Register here:

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


Roberson Museum and Science Center | 30 Front Street
You and Me
Scott Montgomery

Whimsical photography by Scott Montgomery.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


Garland Gallery | 116 Washington Street
Live Music!
Casey Calvey

Tunes of 12 Emerald Eagles.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

CVAC’s Purple Pets for Prevention Parade |  Corner of Henry & Washington Street
Crime Victims Assistance Center

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month! Join the Crime Victim’s Assistance Center for a pet parade on the corner of Henry and Washington Street and learn about the many health, legal, and advocacy services Crime Victims Assistance Center has to offer for victims of violence in Broome County.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


Independent Mural | 23E Clinton St.
Sardar Kestay


There will be a ribbon cutting and public reception celebrating the hard work of area artist Sardar Kestay on Friday, October 6th, 2023 from 6PM to 8PM at 23E Clinton St. Binghamton, NY


As is true to the nature of Kestay’s larger body of paintings, the mural located at 23E Clinton St. incorporates Kurdish imagery into the overall piece. Highly visible driving East over the Clinton St. Bridge, the mural depicts a central female figure. She’s reclined, her legs wrapped in patterned cloth, and is set against a bright yellow background.

According to the artist, the work speaks to women’s rights and freedoms. The patterned cloth acts as a symbol of cultural norms. The entanglement of that cloth in her legs visually represents how cultural norms can repress and deprive women of rights. He speaks to the beauty that can be found in tradition, while delicately drawing attention to how those same values can be a dated hindrance.

There’s joy yet to come, according to Kestay. Yellow, which makes up the majority of the background and appears throughout the mural, is a symbol of hope for a brighter future for women around the world.

This is an independent mural project not associated with BCAC’s iDistricts Mural and Mosaics program.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier | 60 Morgan Road
Paint Your Petal 
Ciara Heatherman, Discovery Center Students
On view: 09/01/23 – 09/03/23

Local artist and teacher Ciara Heatherman, presents a collaborative exhibit by the Discovery Center students. From inspiration of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, the children used bright warm colors to create a vase of Painted Petals. Join us at the museum from 4-7pm on Friday, October 6th. Admission is free thanks to Hatala Orthodontics. This exhibit will remain open for the duration of the 2023 BROOME ART TRAIL, Saturday & Sunday, October 7th & 8th.

Open First Friday 4PM – 7PM |


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