July 5th, 2024 6PM – 9PM

Established in the early 2000’s by a creative trio of women dedicated to the arts, the First Friday Art Walk filled downtown Binghamton with a litany of art exhibitions and other creative happenings on the First Friday of every month. Almost 20 years later, First Friday continues to platform local artists, gallery owners, and musicians. In 2020 the Broome County Arts Council adopted the First Friday Art Walk and is proud to help preserve this community building tradition with the generous support of Broome County Government and City of Binghamton.

Please check this page for information on participating locations. Some galleries have different open times – check below for more details. BCAC encourages the public to follow CDC guidelines for safe social gatherings. More information can be found on the CDC’s website here.


Atomic Toms | 196 State Street
Art by Meg Reynolds
On view: 08/02/24

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM | Events at Atomic Toms

Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts | 186 State Street
Main Gallery:Summer Salon: A Group Exhibition 
by ABFA program artists
Project Space: Animalia: Paintings by Ester Curini

On view: 07/05/24 – 08/31/24

Main Gallery: Join us for our Summer Salon at Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts featuring works by Giles Alexander, Jeffrey Equality Brooks, Anthony Brunelli, Javier Bellomo Coria, Antonio Cazorla, Daniel Cuervo, Bruce Evans, A.J. Fries, Tom Martin, Gelos Michialidis, Sharon Moody, Thomas Pfannerstill, Peter & Madeline Powell, Scott Prior, Nadine Robbins, Peter Roth, Cesar Santander, Stephanie Schechter, Roger Watt, Doug Webb.

Project Space:Known for creating photorealistic animal portraits set against stark white backgrounds, self-taught Italian painter Ester Curini has explained that isolating the endangered species on a blank canvas allows her to concentrate on a subject’s essential characteristics, and, at the same time, on what is essential to her as an artist. This allows the animal to be in the main role rather than a supporting one. Curni does this to give them a strong and powerful voice.
Curini states, “Animals need that voice, now more than ever, because they are so often mistreated. The annihilation of wildlife has become an emergency that threatens our planet. The mistreatment of domesticated farm animals is rampant as well.”
Curini’s paintings reinforce that the only possible way for humans and animals to thrive is finding a compassionate way of coexistence. Her subjects appear anthropomorphic with their human poses and matter-of-fact gazes, often turned directly back at the viewer. She captures each animal’s individuality and character with amazing intimacy and vision. The viewer is forced to confront the animals directly, considering their physiognomy, unique colors, and elegant gestures.
“My aim is to raise awareness about their importance in our ecosystem,” Curini says. “They have been hunted, trapped, and poisoned. Specifically, the Mexican Gray and the Red wolves. They are the most endangered species in North America.”
The center of her work is capturing the unique energy, essence and the spirit of each creature she paints in order to connect the urban population with nature.

Ester Curini (b. Casale Monferrato, Italy) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Curini is a self-taught painter and has exhibited in many notable galleries including Bernarducci Meisel Gallery (New York, NY), Evoke Contemporary (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Imago Galleries (Palm Desert, CA), Plus One Gallery (London, UK), and the Salmagundi Club (New York, NY). Curini has also exhibited her work in museums such as the Nassau County Museum of Art (Roslyn, NY) and the Ringling Museum of Art and Design (Sarasota, FL). Her work has been featured in domestic and international publications such as American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Poets & Artists Magazine, and International Artist’s Magazine. Curini’s paintings are included in the Seven Bridges Collection (Greenwich, CT) and the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation (Jersey City, NJ).

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Orazio Salati Studio & Gallery | 204 State Street
Maidens of Nature
Sardar Kestay
On view: 07/05/24 – 08/31/24

Colorful figurative abstractions paintings from Sardar’s homeland, Kurdistan

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Southern Tier AIDS Program (STAP) | 208 State Street
First Friday Extravaganza
STAP Prevention Services
On view: 08/02/24

STAP Prevention Services is hosting a free testing event, encouraging individuals who otherwise can’t find a regular time during business hours to get tested. There will be vendors from local businesses, to agencies offering resources, to in house STAP programs such as Mobile Services administering Narcan Kits and doing trainings live on site. We are always looking for more vendors!

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Cooperative Gallery 213 | 213 State Street
Rebecca Austin and Carolyn Gilligan
On view: 08/02/24

Open First Friday 5PM – 9PM |

BCAC Artisan Gallery | 223 State Street
Home to Home: A Refugee’s Journey
Ellen M Blalock
On view: 08/24 

Home to Home: A refugee’s Journey is a record of the difficulties to survive through hard times, and of living between two cultures. It is also a celebration of the family’s love and commitment to one another.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM|

BCAC Art Path Gallery | 223 State Street
Glenda Blake: A Legacy
On view: 08/24 

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM|

BCAC Artful Child Gallery | 223 State Street
Aspiring Artist Workshop
Youth artists of NoMa
On view: 08/24 

NoMa’s Aspiring Artists (Ages 8-12) is a Pilot Program funded by the Broome County Youth Bureau and launched in April 2024. The Aspiring Artist Workshop ran for 6 weeks focusing on a different aspect of creative expression each week.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM|

BCAC Artist in Residence Studio | 223 State Street
Smoke Signals
Marc Newton
On view: 08/04/24 

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM|


Old Barn Market | 258 Washington Street
Art, Ceramics, and Jewelry 
Maleah Farr
On view: 07/24

And live music!

Open First Friday 8AM – 9PM |

Garland Gallery | 116 Washington Street
No First Friday events this month 

Open First Friday 6PM- 9PM |


Lost Dog Cafe & Lounge | 222 Water Street
Artworks by Susan MacDonald
Silent auction 08/24

Open First Friday 12PM – 10PM |


Binghamton Photo (1st floor gallery – adjacent to the Bundy Museum) | 32 Cedar Street
Photography Retrospective
Bill Mutch
On view: 08/02/24 – 10/01/24

Exhibiting work from the last 50 Years

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

The Bundy Museum 3rd Floor Gallery | 129 Main St
Bundy Museum 2nd Floor Gallery:
Flow State
E.K Dof
On view: 08/02/24 – 10/01/24

My best work, and really most if not all of my art is created in a place where I enter this “flow”. Its like a calm consumes my soul and the only way that I can communicate is through color and texture on canvas. The way the canvas accepts each and every individual emotion and stroke is something I will carry gratitude for forever. The way that I paint my last stroke and take a step back, not knowing anything I have done to create such a soulful piece is all credited to the beauty of “flow state.” I learned that after going through therapy I had different resources but they just didn’t quite work. I turned to vices that were the least beneficial to healing my pain until I turned to the canvas. The day I pulled out whatever old paint I could find and turned to the canvas changed my life forever. The canvas and paints healed me and continue to everyday. Life is an ocean and the next wave might pull you under and I’m so grateful that I found that painting would become my life jacket.

Bundy Museum 3rd Floor Gallery:
Whispers of the Wild
Clay Smith
On view: 08/02/24 – 09/03/24

“Whispers of the Wild” invites you to embark on a visual journey through the serene and uncharted realms of nature. This collection captures the delicate interplay of light, shadow, and texture that forms the heartbeat of our planet’s most untouched landscapes. Each photograph is a testament to the timeless beauty and intricate patterns that exist beyond human intervention, encouraging viewers to reconnect with the earth’s innate splendor and to listen to the silent stories told by the natural world.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


The Exhale Gallery @ Just Breathe Cannabis Dispensary | 75 Court Street
Cannabis Collection & Vinyl Vibes
On view: 07/05/24 – 07/31/24
previous exhibitions are also still on view

Welcome to the Exhale Gallery at Just Breathe. We are the first legal cannabis dispensary in upstate New York. The Court Street shop originally opened as a CBD store in July 2021 in tandem with an initiative to expunge the justice records of eligible Broome County residents. We aim to grow our community outreach and education with art, music and entertainment. This month’s featured artist is: Sonni, Argetinian Street Artist

“This intersection between the cannabis lifestyle, music, the different things that we do on the radio station, all those things weʼve done have built this ecosystem that fits in really nicely in terms of moving the needle, creating social change and helping folks out. Thatʼs really the beauty in all of this.” – Damien Cornwall

Open First Friday 10AM-10PM |

Phelps Mansion Museum | 191 Court Street
Psychic Readers Night
Psychic Readers and Mansion Tours
On view: 08/02/24

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


Roberson Museum and Science Center | 30 Front Street
“Placid Thoughts From Inside Her Eyelids” 
Anna Warfield

On view: 08/02/24 – 08/04/24

Last opportunity to view Anna Warfield’s text-based soft sculptures from fabric, which act like concrete poems in physical space, the form and text work together to create meaning. She engages with ideas related to the body, sexuality, Femininity, and relearning.

Open First Friday 5PM – 9PM |


The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier | 60 Morgan Road
Scoops of Summer
St. Anthony’s Learning Center
On view: 08/02/24 

Indulge your senses in a delightful celebration of creativity and sweetness at our upcoming gallery exhibit, “Scoops of Summer.” Featuring an array of vibrant artworks crafted by the talented students of St. Anthony’s Learning Center summer camp, this charming showcase captures the essence of summer through the lens of ice cream-inspired imagination.

Open First Friday 4PM – 7PM |


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