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Gallery open Tuesday-Saturday 11 AM to 3 PM and until 8 PM on Thursdays. Located at 223 State Street, Binghamton NY 13901.

We Practice What We Teach: Art Educators of Broome County

On view through March 29, 2024

Opening reception: Friday March 1 from 6-9PM

Every Spring, Broome County Arts Council partners with the Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier to host an exhibition featuring the artwork of high school students. The Emerging Artists 2024 exhibition will take place in April at the FASST location in Oakdale Commons.

As a prequel to the Emerging Artists Exhibition, BCAC Artisan Gallery is proud to present this exhibition “We Practice What We Teach,” honoring and celebrating art educators in Broome County, both current and retired. We hope you will be inspired by the creative spirit of educators who continue their studio practice while teaching.

2024 BCAC Flower Show Application

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 29th at 11:59PM

Notification of Inclusion by: Saturday, April 6th
Artwork Drop-Off: Thursday, April 25th through April 27, 11 AM – 4 PM
Exhibition Opening: Friday, May 3rd, 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Exhibition on View: Friday, May 3rd through Friday, May 31st
Artwork Pick-Up: Saturday, June 1st , 11 AM – 3 PM

Broome County Arts Council’s Artisan Gallery invites artists residing or working in 50-mile radius of Binghamton, NY to submit artwork to be considered for inclusion in the semi-annual “2024 Broome County Arts Council Flower Show”, a group exhibition centered on works that celebrate florals and nature. Selected works will be exhibited during the month of May 2024. There will be one $300 Best in Show prize awarded.


  • This open call is open to artists residing or working in a 50 mile radius of Binghamton, NY.
  • This open call is free for BCAC Members and $15 for the general public.
  • The Broome County Arts Council will accept 2 submissions by individual artists of artwork spanning all media (drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, photography, sculpture, fiber arts etc.).
  • Artworks submitted for consideration may not exceed 30” in any direction.
  • Artwork must be ready to hang.
  • Artworks should NOT have been exhibited in past BCAC exhibitions.
  • Artworks must be submitted for consideration as DIGITAL FILES (jpgs) only. If selected, original artworks will be on display throughout the month of May.
  • Please label image files in the following format: Lastname_firstname_artworktitle [ex: Barnes_Connie_Roses] to help us organize your submissions!
  • BCAC and Artisan Gallery will notify artists of any selected artworks inclusion in the show by Saturday, April 6th.
  • Original artworks must be available for display in BCAC’s Artisan Gallery, located at 223 State St. in Binghamton, from Thursday, April 25th (artwork drop-off) through Saturday, June 1st (artwork pick-up).
  • Works must be submitted via this submission form by Friday, March 29th at 11:59PM for consideration.

Co(r)vid Love
Warner Varno

On View February 2 – 24, 2024
Opening Reception: Friday, February 2 from 6-9PM

Warner Varno is a master teaching artist based in Syracuse, NY. She creates large, medium and small scale mixed media paintings. Recently, graduating with an MFAIA (Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts) from Goddard College, Warner developed a unique practice of presencing through the visual arts. In her current artwork, Warner employs the crow as her main actor and storyteller, due to the crow’s undeniable relationship to humans.

Her “crow sketches” or “crow conversations” layer — sticker-like — on top of the embodied, somatic, painted ground, becoming a form of truth-telling about relationship, family and communication — to our bodies, to ourselves, to each other, and to the natural world. These works carry themes around love, passage of time and memory, survival, and desire to thrive  while exploring the complexities of partnership, pain, and how to adapt in relationship to our post Pandemic world. How to live well in this modern life.

Warner’s painting surfaces are reminiscent of graffiti and street art and carry within them the spontaneity of the moment in which they are created, fully embracing and even extolling the Wabi-sabi (natural beauty) in both life and art, and valuing the power that play, surprise, and reclaiming our own attention has in our lives. These crows have something to say. They are in conversation with each other, with themselves and with the state of the world around them.

Golden Symbols of My Life
Reda Abdelrahman

On View: January 5th, 2023 – January 27th, 2024

Opening Reception Friday, January 5th from 6-9PM

Reda Abdelrahman was born in Egypt in 1966, graduated from the fine art faculty in 1988, and received a master’s degree in 1995 and a Ph.D. in the philosophy of fine art in 1999 from the University of Minya. He has held 32 solo exhibitions in Egypt and all over the world, including a solo exhibition entitled “30 Years of Art” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria, the Egyptian Cultural Center (2007) in Paris and Sophie Gallery in Paris (2011), Mosaic Room Gallery (2013) in London and New House Gallery (2020) in New York.

Nature and years of studying significantly influenced the work of Reda Abdelrahman throughout his artistic career, his upbringing in Ismailia was among lakes and open gardens, and his studies in Upper Egypt impacted his creative works. His move to Upstate New York was a bridge between the past and the present in his visual memory, resulting in his recent work looking vibrant with open nature and lakes in a greatly influenced way. The ancient Egyptians, whom Reda is proud of, are one of the descendants of these greats.

He has participated in several art residences, workshops, and art collections. He currently lives and works as a professional artist with studios in Cairo and New York and participates in art movements in both cities, and teaching arts in Upstate New York.

Artist Statement:
I believe in the importance of art to build a bridge between cultures and people, and I rely on the diversity of cultures and backgrounds to do that.

I presented this through many artistic projects I have undertaken throughout my career, the most recent of which was my exhibition, “I am Everybody,” in New York City in 2020. I relied on many techniques; drawing was and still is essential. I benefited greatly from my studies of drawing the ancient Egyptians and the importance of the expressive line. I also used many ancient techniques and media of charcoal, natural pigments, and tempera with modern media such as acrylic and others. In the end, it is believed that art is a tremendous means of communication that can put a bridge of communication with people.

In my new exhibition at Artisan Gallery, I targeted those symbols of positive personalities that made my life and the lives of people go better, including politicians, movie stars, singers, athletes, researchers, and even my family members, all of whom I consider to be golden symbols in my life.

Essence of Nature
Peter Nosikov

On View: December 1st, 2023 – December 29th, 2023

Opening Reception Friday, December 1st from 6-9PM

“Wood carving is a traditional folk decorative art, widespread throughout the world, and is an art form that transforms and brings life to wood”

Artisan Gallery is pleased to host the works of artist Peter Nosikov during the month of December. Since childhood, Peter has spent his time drawing and modeling. He attended the Higher Art Academy of Folk Crafts, specializing in wood carving. He opened a creative workshop called “TREEMASTER” and has participated in the International Wood Culture Society throughout the years. In 2021, Peter migrated to the United States, where he continues to implement creative ideas and create new projects including furniture with artistic carving. For all of his projects, Peter uses only chisels and knives, requiring a substantial amount of time – but the end result is worth the effort.

Artist Statement: Peter says that ideas are everywhere. Nature and the world are majestic – just to manage to have time to draw out and extract beauty from it!

Some may think that artwork can be easy. You simply imagine, draw, and just do it. But in reality, to create any work of art, patience, skill and desire are needed in order to make a truly worthy product.

In each work that he creates, Peter applies not only his skills, but also a piece of his soul, because, to Peter, products without a “soul” will not be complete and be truly art.

Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition

On View: November 3rd, 2023 – December 1st, 2023

Opening Reception Friday, November 3 from 6-9PM
Artist Reception & Awards at 5PM

The Broome County Arts Council invites members to participate in its Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition, on view November 3 through November 25, 2023 in BCAC’s Artisan Gallery and Art Path Gallery. The exhibition will be juried in categories of: sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, mixed media, and printmaking. Cash prizes will be awarded in all categories.

This year’s jurors include: Ms. Alisha Sickler Brunelli, Lecturer in the Department of Art and Design at Binghamton University along with Ms. Aubrey Clark and Ms. Eileen Seeley Schlag, local artists and exhibiting members of the Cooperative Gallery.

Entry in the annual members’ exhibition is one of the benefits of being a BCAC member. This year’s show features over 80 pieces created by our members. Thank you to all of our participating artists!

This exhibition is generously sponsored by Tad Cline, Connie Barnes, and Garufi Law Firm.

Abstract Views of the Real
Linda Bigness

On view: 10/06/23 – 10/28/23
Opening First Friday, October 6th, from 6-9PM

As a painter I have become accustomed to painting on a flat surface allowing myself to explore surfaces confined in a rectangle or square. In this series I continue to play with shapes and line to create interaction with color. Each painting starts with an automatic response to music, literature, and the events of the day, through gestured lines of paint until I have filled the canvas and created a linear web to accommodate my palette. Over time the work becomes a reflection as well as a journey. Often it depends on how I react to my environment, other times it is a direct response to the paint itself. Simply stated my work is about the experience of painting and the materials and influences of a painter’s life.

Bigness holds a BFA from Syracuse University and an MA in art history. Her work has been collected and exhibited throughout the United States and internationally. The most recent public acquisition is a large scale oil painting reflecting urban renewal and placed at the Rochester New York Regional Health Center.

Linda Bigness will be giving at Artist Talk at the Closing Reception for “Abstract Views of the Real” on October 26th @ 6PM at Artisan Gallery.

Translations of the Tiers and More
Armondo Dellasanta & Erin Waye

On View: September 2023
Opening First Friday, September 1st, from 6-9PM

Artisan Gallery has the unique opportunity to showcase city scenes from two prolific local painters with two distinct artistic points of view: Armondo Dellasanta and Erin Waye. Both artists work from photographs with laborious attention to detail, bringing life and beauty to their subjects with colors that jump and pop. This collection exudes happiness and positivity, strength and beauty, intrigue and wonder.

Erin Waye (Binghamton NY) has painted over 10 scenes of the area she calls home, skillfully enhancing the essence and allure of her region. Last year, Channel 34 WBGH-TV News featured one of her Binghamton paintings on their TV show and Binghamton homepage website. She specializes in acrylic paintings on canvas and enjoys capturing various subject matter such as: cityscapes, landscapes, bridges, castles, people, and the surreal realm. Her inspiration is primarily from photographs. Her style has realism and illustrative qualities, boasting vibrant colors, intricate lines, nuanced shades, meaningful symbols, and captivating designs.

For Erin, a finished painting serves as a testament to the time, effort, passion, and boundless imagination poured into its creation.

Armondo Dellasanta: Regional Retrospective II

On View: 08/04/23 – 08/26/23
Opening First Friday, August 4th, from 6-9 PM

Known as the “Binghamton’s Van Gogh” and “urban Monet,” Armondo Dellasanta (1916 – 2010) was arguably the most renowned impressionist in Binghamton, NY. Though deeply influenced by French and American Impressionism and The Ashcan School, Dellasanta began to use customized palette knives to paint, giving his work a unique look and finish. He left behind a wide collection of work with wishes that it be exhibited, sold, and enjoyed by as many people as possible. BCAC is thankful for the opportunity to do just that with this special grouping of Del’s work, featuring scenes from Binghamton, Norwich/Oxford NY, Susquehanna County PA, and New York City.

Over the years, mainly collections of paintings have been displayed, but this show is unique by also including a vast collection of etchings. When he first began working as a custom framer, Del began experimenting with scrap pieces of plexiglass that were left over from the framing process. He scratched drawings into the surface of the plexiglass in what is known as a dry point etching technique. This process varied from his traditional painting style in the sheer amount of detailed line work he included in his renderings. Many of his etchings reflect the same subject matter he painted in oil, while others reflect more personal scenes.

Even when Del’s work was becoming more widely known and admired and the accolades started pouring in, he remained extremely modest about it. He said he made pictures that he felt were “just pretty good”, but he never boasted about it. And that gets right to the heart of who he was as a man. He was a kind, compassionate, caring person who loved his wife, his animals, and his art. We hope that all who view his art in this exhibit will find something to enjoy.

This exhibition is sponsored by Garufi Law P.C.

Textures By Hand: Fiber and Clay
Susan Szczotka

On View: 07/07/23 – 07/28/23
Opening First Friday, July 7th, from 6-9 PM

Susan Szczotka Bio:

I am a veterinarian by profession and a maker by nature. I graduated from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University and worked in Endwell before opening my own feline exclusive practice, The Cat Doctor. I practiced veterinary medicine and surgery and multiple crafts for many years and since retirement in 2021, have devoted myself full-time to fine craft work. In addition to making copper, silver and enameled jewelry, I have worked in stained glass, fused glass and flameworking and became a potter over 20 years ago. I began my weaving career 13 years ago at the Rochester Folk Art Guild where I now teach the beginning weaving class at Craft Weekend. My current work includes horsehair raku pottery as well as functional ware, and handwoven wearables, fine linens and art wall pieces.

I live in the town of Maine with my six cats and lots of looms!

Artist Statement:

I consider myself a craftsperson, driven to use my hands to create beautiful work, both functional and decorative. I believe that fine craft is art. I am strongly influenced by the Arts and Craft movement as well as many types of ethnic designs from around the world. While mostly drawn to a natural color palette, I also enjoy a riot of brilliant colors. The tactile nature of craft, from moving clay with my hands to running hundreds of fine, soft thread between my fingers, is therapeutic and joyous, and creating a finished piece for others to enjoy is deeply satisfying.

Michael Celbar Retrospective

On View: 06/02/23 – 06/30/23
Opening First Friday, June 2nd, from 6-9 PM

Michael Celbar (1947-2016) was a gifted Binghamton artist of strong vision and originality who worked in a wide variety of mediums — photography, drawings, acrylics, printing techniques, computer art and more. He leaves behind an inspired legacy of hundreds of artworks that often express his deep vision of a dark, strikingly beautiful world. This work continues to sing and dance in his absence.

Artisan Gallery is pleased to present 180 pieces from this collection, created in various mediums including acrylic, oil pastel, silkscreen, posters, computer art, ink, photography, photo collages, mono print, cardboard collage, and large scale cardboard cut-outs.

Michael Celbar is an important and significant Binghamton artist whose artwork needs to be seen and celebrated, bringing the past forward to inspire artists of today.

 A Brief Interview with Estate Executor Gabriel Bobek

Friend, muse, and executor of Michael Celbar’s estate Gabriel Bobek talks Michael’s faith, process, and involvement in a larger arts community in Binghamton. Michael Celbar: A Retrospective is on view at Artisan Gallery from June 2nd, 2023 – June 30th, 2023. Learn more about Michael Celbar’s life and work at Purchase a piece by Michael Celbar on ShopArt

Outside Inside
Patrick McPhee & Jerry Russell

On View: 05/05/23  – 05/25/23
Opening First Friday, May 5th, from 6-9 PM

Patrick McPhee Biography:
Patrick McPhee seamlessly blends his love for the outdoors and fishing with his passion for painting. Much of Patrick’s childhood was spent exploring the natural world and camping with family. These experiences would go on to shape his artistic style and influence his work for the rest of his life. After studying at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Patrick became fascinated with the Hudson River School of painters, admiring their reverence for nature and the way they handled light. Patrick began to develop his own style, focusing on capturing the beauty of the natural world in a realistic manner. His works often feature scenes of mountains, rivers, lakes, and streams. Patrick is also an avid fisherman and often incorporates his love for fishing into his work.

Today, Patrick continues to paint, always striving to improve his craft and to share his love for art and nature with others. He is known for his meticulous attention to detail. He often returns areas to their former glory, removing buildings, parking lots, and powerlines. Each year he participates in plein air events around the country. He has received several awards for his efforts, his works can be found in private collections around the world.

Jerry Russell Biography:
Jerry Russell has been drawing and painting since he was a child. He grew up in Central New York and graduated from Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts with a BFA in Illustration. In 1991, after several years of freelance work and art directing for a small advertising agency, he established Studio309 Creative Services, an illustration and design shop.

He also served as an adjunct professor of Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing at Onondaga Community College during this time. His professional work includes editorial illustration, traditional and digital illustration for books and advertising, digital 3D modeling, packaging & display design, and more. While much of this work has been created using traditional media, Russell also combines traditional and digital media to create his more complex pieces. Whenever possible, he carved out time to paint landscapes and still lifes with acrylics and watercolors in the studio.

Jerry started exploring plein air painting (painting outside, on site) in 2014, pursuing of a more immediate, reactive painting approach. Since retiring in the fall of 2022 Russell has been able to devote more time plein air, and works primarily in oils. His has received a number of awards for his work at juried shows and attends several regional plein air festivals each year.

Patrick McPhee
Dam Beavers
Oil on linen, 12 x 12

Jerry Russell
Freshwater Reef, Green Lake
Oil on canvas, 12 x 12

ImPRESSions: A Group Exhibition by Equinox Press

On View: 04/07/23  – 04/29/23
Opening First Friday, April 7th, from 6-9 PM

ImPRESSions is a group exhibition by the members of Equinox Press. Participating artists are Kit Burnham Ashman, Aubrey Clark, Martha M. Colgan, Alexandra Davis, Paige Hamilton, Julissa Heil, Helen Insinger, Karen Kuff-Demicco, Betsy Williams. Artists come together at the printing press to allow artists full expression in print. Printmaking impressions enable the artist to focus on the image while the printer ensures it is technically possible. Printmaking is an integral practice for artists because they can cross disciplines, create unusual effects, and deliver messages in ways other artworks often cannot. As a group, the members of Equinox Press have enjoyed a comradery and an exploration unique to printmaking.

Featuring “Turquoise Floral Display” by Woodfern Florist

Featured flower: Protea
As seen at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Designed by David Yacaginsky and Kimberli Schwartz
Woodfern Florist, 501 Chenango Street in Binghamton

Emerging Artists

On View: 03/03/23  – 03/31/23
Opening First Friday, March 3rd, from 6-9 PM

The Broome County Arts Council’s Broome County High School Emerging Artists Competition is open to all high schools and high school-level home schooled children in Broome County. All work received will be displayed at the Broome County Arts Council’s Artisan gallery and in the second gallery (the Art Path) for the month of March.

All participants will receive certificates from the Broome County Arts Council with six awards granted for: composition, line & color, originality, use of medium, level of difficulty, and best of show (Best of Show award sponsored by FASST.)

Home in Each Other: Luanne Redeye

On View: 02/03/23  – 02/25/23
Opening First Friday, February 3rd, from 6-9 PM

Home in Each Other is a new series of work by Luanne Redeye. This exhibition will showcase the beginning of an exploration into the relationships we hold with each other, telling the stories of family by weaving together personal narratives, home, identity, and culture. Family and home appear different for everyone and this exhibition will explore both themes to gain a deeper understanding of the relationships to community while speaking to the complexities of the people’s lives. The exhibition will also feature recent work by Luanne Redeye that relates to the idea of building community around you, portraying others the artist has connected with.

Born in Jamestown, NY, Luanne Redeye grew up on the Allegany Indian Reservation in Western New York. It is from here where she draws inspiration incorporating community, family, and culture into her artwork, which gives her pieces a strong personal and emotional component. Whether her art touches on the native experience, identity, or resiliency, Luanne’s work is always created through a native lens sharing her experiences, knowledge, and perspective of navigating a modern world as a native woman.

An enrolled member of the Seneca Nation of Indians and Hawk Clan, Luanne received her MFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of New Mexico.

This Glorious Place: Artwork by Aubrey Clark and Alexandra Davis

On View: 01/06/23  – 1/27/23

Come view the works of Aubrey Clark and Alexandra Davis at the “This Glorious Place” exhibition at the NEW Artisan Gallery, located on 223 State Street in Binghamton! On view from January 6th through January 27th, with an opening reception on First Friday, January 6th from 6-9 PM. This Glorious Place is a romantic response to the influence of nature. Like leaves on a tree, humans are unique but connected to a vast, ever changing support system. Art is not separate from life. It is life in all it’s splendid variations.

Aubrey Clark Biography:
At Sarah Lawrence College, Aubrey studied art during the Abstract Expressionist era. Her interest led to an MFA degree from Marywood University, where she majored in oil painting. Art History was part of the program and she has continued her study of it. After graduation, she attended an experimental printmaking workshop run by a master printmaker at the Contemporary Art Center in North Adams, Massachusetts. She did numerous residencies there over a 15 year period. Aubrey has exhibited widely and her work is included in collections in the United States and abroad.

Alexandra Davis Biography:
Artist Alexandra Davis born in 1958 in Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany, lives and works in Binghamton, New York.

Alexandra Davis earned her MFA in printmaking from the State University of New York at New Paltz and her BFA in printmaking at Binghamton University. Ms. Davis is a full-time senior lecturer of the Art and Design Department at Binghamton University, and her work is represented by the Anthony Brunelli Art Gallery,

Alexandra Davis is also the sole proprietor of Equinox Press, a personal studio and a creative space for private and group workshops in printmaking, located on 14 Washington Avenue in Endicott, New York.

Members’ Show

On View: 01/06/23  – 1/27/23

Artisan Gallery’s annual Members’ Show will be on view in the Art Path Gallery January 6th through January 27th, with an opening reception on First Friday, January 6th from 6-9 PM during our Grand Opening. The Members’ Show includes fine art from members of Broome County Arts Council.

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