With its second gallery show since moving downtown to 81 State St., Binghamton, last February, the Broome County Arts Council is advancing the idea that promoting the local arts is good, but BUYING art locally is both better and best. The exhibition “Collector’s Items — Making the Commitment” opened June 4 during the First Friday Art Walk and will run until July 2.

The opening of "Collector's Items - Making the Commitment" June 4th


The exhibition brings together LOCALLY PURCHASED artwork from the private collections of the arts council’s board of directors and staff. There are original works by fine artists such as Armondo Dellasanta, Jonathan Lerman, Denise Franchino and Marian Simpson and works by fine art photographers such as Bill Gorman and Perri Hart. Some of the pieces were purchased outside Broome County but framed locally at the Garland Gallery or A Frame Shoppe. Framing can make or break a work of art and contributes mightily to the perception of its beauty, quality and value. The importance of excellent local framers should not be taken for granted any more than that of the artists.

That said, the “Collector’s Items” exhibition is a demonstration of the leap art lovers can make from admiring the work, complimenting the artist, making the arts scene, “eating the cheese”, to actually “making the commitment” to buying art, becoming an arts patron, taking it home, making a place for it in your life, looking at it every day and feeling again that mysterious tug that drew you to the piece in the first place. Don’t resist. We spend money every day on lesser things that don’t touch us with nearly the depth of a personally meaningful work of art. Shop local, artfully. 
“Collector’s Items — Making the Commitment” is at the Broome County Arts Council Gallery, 81 State St., 5th Floor, downtown Binghamton,through July 2. Gallery hours: 11 a.m – 3 p.m Mon. – Fri. Closing reception on First Friday July 2 from 6 to 9 p.m. For more information, call 723-4620 or e-mail information@bcartscouncil.com.