Landscapes. Urbanscapes. Dreamscapes. Whether real or imagined, we all have emotional responses to the places around or within us. The State of the Art Gallery’s April exhibit, ColorScapes, Real and Imagined, features paintings and fiber art by Barbara Behrmann and paintings by Katrina Morse. Behrmann and Morse explore the mysteries of place and the emotional impact of color using imagery and abstractions drawn from urban, rural, and imaginary landscapes.

Color Scapes Events

April 7, Friday, 5pm – 8pm, Opening Reception on Gallery Night

April 16, Sunday, 3-4:00 pm, “Conversation with Artists Katrina Morse and Barbara Behrmann”

April 22, Saturday, 3-4:00 pm, “So What’s an Art Quilt Anyway?” presentation by Barbara Behrmann

April 23, Sunday, 3-4:00 pm, “Dreams, Desire, and Defiance:  An Afghan Artist Breaks Taboos” presentation by guest artist, Sharifa “Elja” Sharifi

April 29, Saturday, 3-4:00 pm, “Look Club: How to See and Talk about Art” with Katrina Morse


Regular hours Thursday-Sunday 12-5 pm. 120 W State St. Curbside parking and ADA accessibility. 607-277-1626. Made possible in part with funds from the NYS Council on the Arts, administered by the Community Arts Partnership.



Waterhole Canyon by Barbara Behrmann