Shawna Stevenson, Programs and Marketing Manager for the Broome County Arts Council, shares some of her favorite artwork she created in the past few years as the first post for the Community Art Share!

“This was a practice portrait of some character from the Soprano’s, a show I haven’t watched personally. I liked this work because of the process. It utilizes oil paint, pastels, and graphite on cold press illustration board.”

“Acrylic on Bristol paper. Living in Syracuse, NY for a while, and upstate NY in general, it is abundantly clear that winters are difficult to travel in as a pedestrian, let alone a driver.”

“I love my house plants, and find inspiration from them daily. It’s a great pleasure to share my home with them. This is a spider plant I drew on the back of a paper grocery bag. I like how the brown of the paper bag provides a nice middle value to work from.”

“Another illustration of a pedestrian, although this is more of an explorer. I’m often enchanted by the endless variety of patterns and colors in the woods when I go for autumn walks. This is acrylic and colored pencil on Bristol paper.”

“This is my most recent physical work, just a portrait of a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket. It’s nice we can still enjoy such simple beauties even when staying indoors most of the time. This is colored pencil on Bristol paper.”

You can follow Shawna’s artwork on her Instagram account, drinkhg (