ATTN Broome County Arts Council Members:
Dear Arts Community Members:

In 2009 we launched a co-operative advertising campaign on WSKG radio. The campaign has proven to be quite successful, and we are looking to having a great presence again in 2023. For 2023 we will once again be able to offer :30 sec TV spots ($50@) in addition to the 30 second radio ads ($45@)! Here are some important facts about the cooperative campaign:

• Visit Binghamton, using “I LOVE NEW YORK” tourism funds, will cover half the cost of the overall campaign. The other half will be shared among the partners. Due to the I Love NY support, the scripting of air spots needs to be consistent among all partners. Sample scripts are on page 2. We need to limit participation to Broome County Arts Council members within Broome County to adhere to funding guidelines.
• We can offer different levels of participation to fit most budgets. The amount of your investment will determine the number of spots that you will receive.
• We have the flexibility to allow groups to have their ads run at SPECIFIC times. For example, ads for the Tri Cities Opera can run when TCO is presenting a production.
• We do not need money at this time. $100 deposits will be billed in December and due by December 31, 2022. The balances will be billed in late December and be due by January 31, 2023. However, if you have marketing dollars left in your 2022 budget and would like to prepay for 2023, we can accept full or partial payment in December.

Please complete the commitment form below and mail, email or fax (722-4513) back to Judi Hess by September 30. We are looking for commitments at this time, so that Visit Binghamton can properly budget for 2023. If you have any questions, please call Judi Hess at 607-296-2101, or via email to Again, no money is due at this time, just your level of commitment.

Contact Name:__________________________________
Business Name:_________________________________________
Email:____________________________________ Phone:_____________________________________________

Yes, we would like to participate: ______
No, we cannot participate at this time:____________

Investment level – NEW this year. WSKG requires blocks of 5 spots so the investment levels below have been adjusted to align with this requirement and are based on the price for radio ads ($45).
$225.00 (value $450 – 10 spots total): ____________
$337.50 (value $675 – 15 spots total): ______________
$562.50 (value $1,125- 25 spots total): _____________
$675.00 (value $1,350 – 30 spots total) ______________
$1,125.00(value $2,250 – 50 spots total): ______________

Please complete and return by September 30, 2022. Please do not send money at this time.

Sample Radio Script
Only the portion in red can be changed and personalized for individual partners. Maximum of 90 words “as spoken.”

Visit Binghamton, sponsor of WSKG, announces the Cider Mill Playhouse’s production of “Quiet on the Green!” with improv group, Minuteman Child. August twenty-ninth at six-thirty and nine PM. cidermill playhouse org. For more information about cultural events in Broome County 800-836-6740 or visit Binghamton dot org. The Cider Mill Playhouse and Arts in Broome County – I Love New York!

Sample TV Script

:30 second spots – I Love NY & Visit Binghamton to be tagged at the end.

WSKG is supported by Visit Binghamton, presenting performing arts in the community. Tri-Cities Opera’s first mainstage opera of the 2012-2013 season is Giacomo Puccini’s La Bohème. Performances will take place on October 26 & 28, at 8:00PM and 3:00PM respectively, at the Forum Theatre in Binghamton, New York. Tickets are available online at Tri Cities Opera dot com. Information on all arts offerings is available at Visit Binghamton dot org.