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To all of you “would be, wanna be, used to be” actors, performers, dancers, artists and all creatives! Don’t wait to be discovered! Discover yourself and join us for a VIRTUAL 2 day Theater Arts / Storytelling Intensive so you can learn how to create and perform your own theater work. Each class will have time at the end for Q&A., review, and how to further develop your piece.

The workshop will be led by Barbara L. Gregson, theater artist and mask maker. Gregson studied Renaissance mask making in Italy with Donato Sartori and later with Lauren Raine in the United States. She also studied Theater in London, England, and Mime in Paris, France. Gregson directs original mask, mime, and theater productions with people of all ages and abilities throughout the United States. Visit for more information about the facilitator, Barbara L. Gregson. Joining Gregson will be Eric Porter, local musician and sound engineer. 


Pre-register and pay by Sunday, April 25th, 2020 to secure your place in the workshop. The workshop is $60. This fee covers costs associated with the two-day workshop, including one-on-one help from Barbara and Eric during the workshop.

Day 1: Saturday, May 1st 1:00PM – 3:30PM Barbara L Gregson will help you make “Little Red Riding Hood” into a 5 minute solo Theater piece. We will start each workshop with a physical warm, play theater games and mime and movement techniques, followed by character development; i.e. learn how to play each character and then seamlessly change them, playing all of the parts. You will have a 5 min. piece by the end of Day 1.

Day 2: Sunday, May 2nd 1:00PM – 3:30PM Barbara L Gregson and musician Eric Porter will work with you on how to add live music and sound effects to your piece. They will demonstrate the process of mime and music improvisation, then you will have time to work with Eric individually. Everyone will perform their solo piece accompanied by the music and sound effects of Eric Porter, for the class.

 (Please note you will want access to the following for the workshop: A full length mirror to use when practicing, a chair, space to move in, wear comfortable clothes, neutral tops, bare feet, ballet shoes or light footwear.)