Initiated in 2018, the Regional Council of the Arts (RCOA) forms cross-county partnerships between 6 art councils, with the purpose to share resources and cross-promote public initiatives of each council.

Broome County Arts Council logo

Broome County Arts Council – Binghamton, NY

Jenny Chang

Executive Director

The Broome County Arts Council is an independent, 501(c)3 public service organization. Our mission is “to promote and support a thriving arts community, essential to the quality of life in Broome County”. We are a primary local arts fundraiser, arts advocate and cultural information resource for the arts community and the general public. The BCAC collaborates on and encourages participation in projects and initiatives that promote the arts as an engine of cultural growth and economic development in Greater Binghamton and Broome County.

Tioga Arts Council – Owego, NY

Christina Di Stefano

Executive Director

The Tioga Arts Council enriches the cultural lives of residents and visitors by initiating and facilitating creative opportunities and collaborations. Through exhibitions, performances, education and cultural experiences, the Tioga Arts Council provides a central platform for a creative community.

Community Arts Partnership – Ithaca, NY

Megan Barber

Executive Director

The Community Arts Partnership strengthens the arts in Tompkins County by providing services and resources for artists and arts groups, and leads collaboration among the arts, government, education, business, and the community at large.

Chenango Arts Council – Norwich, NY

Alecia ONeill

Executive Director

The mission of the Chenango Arts Council is to connect the Arts to our communities to enrich quality of life. Art is one of the most powerful and useful tools for communicating, expressing, as well as connecting other people to one another or to a central message that seeks to be expressed. Here at the Council, we strive to help those who seek venues to perform, spaces to exhibit, room to create, and people to share the passion of the Fine Arts.

The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes – Corning, NY

Dr. Connie Sullivan-Blum

Executive Director

The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes is the regional organization that empowers artists and encourages arts advocacy, fosters creativity and economic vitality, creates diverse connections and collaborations, and champions innovation and equity within the arts to cultivate a dynamic community.

As a multi-county arts organization, The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes provides a number of services which fulfill the above mission.

Roxbury Arts Group – Roxbury, NY

Jenny Rosenzweig

Executive Director

Founded in 1979, the Roxbury Arts Group is a non-profit multi-arts organization dedicated to making the arts an integral part of the life of all segments of our Catskill communities by offering public performances, exhibitions, workshops, classes, presentations and demonstrations for both adults and children; distributing grants to Delaware County artists and artistic projects and providing services to them and other not-for-profit cultural organizations; and creating opportunities for the artists and the larger community of our region to engage with each other.

Jericho Arts Council – Bainbridge, NY

​The Mission of the Jericho Arts Council is “​to maintain, manage and market the Bainbridge NY Town Hall Theatre and the Art Gallery as a center for live performance, visual and creative arts events for the cultural enrichment of the region.”