Jaleel Campbell

“In all my illustrations, I’m trying to give my modern interpretation of what the Emerald City Sequence [from the movie The Wiz] means to me. I want these images to be in the heads of the black people and children especially, so they grow up with the same confidence.” – Jaleel Campbell

Dave Porter

“I find myself continuously reaching back to the past to connect with concepts or ideas that I really liked…to connect my past to the present.” – Dave Porter

Warner K. Varno

“All those little moments of connection are really what…so much time is spent alone creating them but really even in the creation of the work, it’s reaching toward others for me. I share my work and I enjoy sharing it.” – Warner K Varno

Scott Yurko

“Everything is alive, everything has energy. When I feel it sometimes it’s from a person, sometimes it’s from a tree. It’s definitely tactile I can touch it and I can feel it. To me, I want to try to show somebody else what I’m seeing, so that’s why I try to push that in my paintings no matter what the subject matter is.” – Scott Yurko