2020 Broome Art Trail

Saturday, October 3rd & Sunday, October 4th | 10AM to 4PM

The Broome Art Trail is for individual or collaborative groups of artists to promote their artwork.
The Broome County Arts Council (BCAC) does not take commissions on any sales made through Broome Art Trail.


The Broome Art Trail is a program of the Broome County Arts Council sponsored by the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation. Thank you to our committee and team of coordinators including Connie Barnes, Cynthia Rotella, Dillon Utter, Phil Childs, Jessica Petrylak, Lori Warfield, David Yetter, and David Peterson, for making Broome Art Trail possible!

We are working hard to ensure there is enough space for artists and patrons to participate safely while maintaining safe social distancing. All venues will follow NYS Guidelines for safe social gatherings.


The following list contains venues that have agreed to host artists for the 2020 Broome Art Trail weekend!
Strike-out locations below are featured in the map but are no longer able to participate due to COVID regulations.


Site Coordinators: Connie Barnes, cbarnes915@stny.rr.com

1. Phelps Mansion Museum | 3 Artists
191 Court Street, Binghamton, NY

2. KNOW Theatre | 1 Artist
74 Carroll Street, Binghamton, NY

3. Artisan Gallery | 2 Artists
95 Court Street, Binghamton, NY

4. Orazio Salati Studio & Gallery | 5 Artists
204 State Street, Binghamton, NY

5. Cooperative Gallery | 6 Artists
213 State Street, Binghamton, NY

6. Rebecca Austin, Parlor City Arts
320 Water Street, Binghamton, NY

7. Muckle’s Ink | 1 Artist
60 Court Street, Binghamton, NY

8. Charlotte Ballman, Peterson’s Tavern

9. Roberson Museum & Science Center | 9 Artists
30 Front Street, Binghamton, NY

10. Roberson Museum Clayworks | 17+ Artists
30 Front Street, Binghamton, NY

11. Sam Russo’s Wood Shop
7 Stone Road, Binghamton, NY

12. Diane M. Lia Studio | 2 Artists
3621 Saddlemire Road, Binghamton, NY

13. Crocker Hill Woodworks | 2 Artists
432 Crocker Hill Road, Binghamton, NY

14. Cole Johnson Studio
400 Port Road, Binghamton, NY


Contact: Shawna Stevenson

15. Endicott Performance Art Center | 1 Artist
102 Washington Ave., Endicott, NY

16. Renaissance Studios | 1 Artist

17. Equinox Press | 4 Artists
14 Washington Ave., Endicott, NY

18. Endicott Visitor’s Center | 2 Artists
300 Lincoln Ave., Endicott, NY

19. Endicott Meeting Room | 3 Artists
300 Lincoln Ave., Endicott, NY


Site Coordinator: Connie Barnes, cbarnes915@stny.rr.com

20. Grapevine Cafe | 1 Artist
220 Main Street, Johnson City, NY

21. Binghamton Brewing Company | 3 Artists
135 Baldwin Street, Johnson City, NY

22. FASST | 2 Artists
Oakdale Mall, Johnson City, NY

23. Frank Longo Originals; Jewelry & Art Gallery | 3 Artists
4410 Watson Boulevard, Johnson City, NY

24. Richard G. Nolan Woodworking Studio
549 E. Maine Road, Johnson City, NY


Site Coordinator: Phil Childs, achild233@aol.com

25. Janet W. Bowers Museum | 6 Artists
13 Nanticoke Road, Maine, NY

26. 1845 One-Room Schoolhouse | 2 Artists
13 Nanticoke Road, Maine, NY


Site Coordinator: Jess Petrylak

27. Vestal Museum | 4 Artists
328 Vestal Parkway E., Vestal, NY

28. Nealy Van Dyke Studio
820 N. Circle Drive, Vestal, NY


Site Coordinator: Lori Warfield, lwarfield793@gmail.com

29. Saving Grace Art Center | 2 Artists
2654 Main Street, Whitney Point, NY

30. The Meeting Place | 2 Artists
2654 Main Street, Whitney Point, NY

31. Mary Wilcox Memorial Library | 1 Artist
2630 E. Main Street, Whitney Point, NY

32. Piccadilly Lane | 2 Artists
2634 E. Main Street, Whitney Point, NY

33. Kevin La Due, La Due Guitars Studio
334 Dings Hollow Road, Whitney Point, NY


Contact: David Peterson, heavyd121764@gmail.com

34. Windsor Community House | 8 Artists
107 Main Street, Windsor, NY

Broome Art Trail 2019

 The inaugural trail in 2019 included over 100 participating artists and arts organizations across 53 venues. Venues extended from Vestal to Windsor and from Whitney Point to Binghamton. Artists’ works included a wide breadth of mediums spanning painting, drawing, sculpture, fiber, woodworking, printmaking, ceramics, jewelry and more! Relive the weekend, or experience it for the first time through our gallery of images below.