Artisan Exhibits

March 2019

Ramona Lena Kacyvenski | Of Artistic Descent

“Voyage,” 2018, Ramona Lena Kacyvenski & Marlene Stacconi, photo montage on canvas, 36″ x 42″, $575

“Ego,” 2018, Phoenix Thunder Lee, acrylic, oil, pastel, collage, enamel on canvas, 36″ x 36″, $450

“Stone,” 2018, Ramona Lena Kacyvenski, original photos, photo mantage, 36″ x 42″, $550

February 2019

Warner Varno | Anatomy of Hope: a collection of mixed media paintings

“House-Nest Series,” Warner Varno

“Celebration Series, Tree of Life,” 4′ x 5′, Warner Varno

“Celebration Series, Coronation of the Half Shell,” Warner Varno

“Del Sol,” Warner Varno

“Celebration Series, Family Tree,” Warner Varno

January 2019

Marie Veschusio | perfect human-ness

“Broken Heart Syndrome (4),” Marie Veschusio, 2017, India ink on Mylar, framed, 25″ x 25″

“The Ache of Many (1),” Marie Veschusio, 2017, inkjet print on legal paper, 8.25″ x 10.75″

“The Broken Heart,” Marie Veschusio, 2017, cast glass, 6″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″

January 2019

Ruby H. Wang | Paintings

“Creation #1,” Ruby H. Wang, watercolor, framed, 32″ x 12″

Ruby H. Wang, watercolor, framed

Ruby H. Wang, watercolor, framed

December 2018

P.A.S.T. | COUNTRY STYLE: The Rural Architecture of Broome and Tioga County

“Still Standing,” Rachel Ackley, Age Group 19+

“Barn Times,” Kira Harting, Age Group 13 and under, Winner!

“School Days in Barton,” Lydia Corcoran, Age Group 14 to 18

“Departing Light,” Sandra Kirker, Age Group 19+, Honorable Mention

“Winn Hill Farm,” Grace Deyo, Age Group 13 and under, Honorable Mention

November 2018

Tom Besom & Meg Reynolds | Anthropological Perspectives

Venus of Laussel stone sculpture

Venus of Laussel (France, 25,000 years ago, Gravettian Culture)

Horse Figurine from Vogelherd sculpture

Horse Figurine from Vogelherd (Germany, 30,000 years ago, Aurignacian Culture)

Bison Figurine from Vogelherd sculpture

Bison Figurine from Vogelherd (Germany, 30,000 years ago, Aurignacian Culture)

The Passion sculpture made from wood

The Passion (64 x 24 x 14 cm, wood, 1990s)

Architectural Form sculpture made from wood

Architectural Form (40 x 28 x 64 cm, wood, 1980s)

Circular Intiwatana sculpture made from plaster and wood

Circular Intiwatana (36 x 36 x 28 cm, plaster & wood, 1980s)

La Maja Desnuda sculpture made out of wood and coral

La Maja Desnuda (8 x 5 x 6 cm, wood & coral, 2010s)

Joanne the Mamma Possum artword made via graphite and plastic

Joanne the Mamma Possum
Mixed Media – Graphite and Plastic

Touch Poke acrylic painting on canvas

Touch, Poke
Acrylic on Canvas

Cate in Orange crayon and spray pain portrait

Cate in Orange
Mixed Media – crayon and spray paint

Parade day ink drawing

Parade Day

October 2018

JKLSmith Photo Contest Winners Exhibition

Artwork in a gallery with a BCAC table
Black and white photos on the gallery wall
Broome County Arts Council members standing in a gallery
Visitors in the gallery looking at pieces of art on the walls