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Calling all Storytellers: Chrysalis, a live themed competitive storytelling event series, continues into its second season at the Bundy Museum of History and Art.

The second season begins on March 15th.
Our theme this year celebrates the 60th anniversary of The Twilight Zone – the theme is: “Time Enough at Last”.

Following events in the second season will be held on:
April 19
May 17
June 21
August 9
September 13
October 11, and
November 8 – Championship.

We are looking forward to seeing you there. Remember, your stories don’t have to have anything to do with the episodes themselves. The themes are a jumping off point. Hope to see you soon!

Chrysalis, a live themed competitive storytelling event, takes place in the in the Bundy Museum Annex Theatre (behind 129 Main Street in Binghamton, NY). Doors open at 7pm (storytellers should come early).

Each month people of all ages are invited to the Bundy Museum of History and Art’s Annex Theatre to tell true, 5 minute stories in front of a live audience. During the evening 10 randomly selected storytellers tell their stories. At the end a winner is announced.

The criteria is simple: all stories must be true, no notes, no props, and no rants! Just real people telling real stories.

Each event has a theme. Themes are meant as a loose suggestion for the narratives and provide a creative challenge, not as strict determinations of plot or structure. The current Chrysalis series take its themes from classic movies.

Admission is $5 and listeners and storytellers are welcome!

For more information email Alice a chrysalis@bundymuseum.org.