Hello, my name is Sarah Kuras. I am studying at Binghamton University, and I hope that, by contributing to this blog, I can help you readers become aware of different events here at the university and also of events out in the community through a student’s eyes. While I onlywill speak for myself as an individual, I hope that my posts are informative and useful to the rest of the arts community.
First a little about myself. I am in the School of Management working towards my MBA. I studied philosophy, politics and law as an undergraduate at Binghamton with a music minor. My involvement with Binghamton University’s Music Department has helped me become aware of all the great programs offered on campus. There is a thriving arts scene on campus, especially in the performing arts. I have been a member of the University Symphony Orchestra, Women’s Chorus  and Harpur Chorale. I am currently involved in Nukporfe, the African Music Ensemble (we really enjoyed performing in the wonderful office space of BCAC this past Friday).
Stay tuned. I will be attending a soprano’s senior recital at 3 p.m. Sunday (April 10)  in the Fine Arts Building’s Casadesus Recital Hall and will post a review soon. If you’re into opera, I hope you will attend.,