UCF Grants

2019 UCF Project Grants

The 2019 United Cultural Fund Grant process is now open. To apply, please schedule a 20-minute grant meeting with BCAC’s ED before January 15th.  To schedule your meeting please call 607-723-4620 or email awarfield@broomearts.org. Applications are due by 5PM, Friday January 25th.

General Operating Support (GOS) Grant Eligibility & Procedure
ALL NEW applicants for UCF general operating support MUST be invited to submit a proposal at the discretion of the BCAC Board of Directors. A consultation with BCAC’s Executive Director and approval by the Board of Directors is required to determine whether an invitation will be issued. Call 607-723-4620 to schedule a consultation prior to January 15th. Applications are due by 5PM, Friday January 25th.

ALL CURRENT recipients of UCF general operating support MUST consult with BCAC’s Executive Director BEFORE preparing an application for another round of funding. Attendance at one of the seminars does not constitute a consultation. Application fee: $100 (waived for BCAC Members).

Individual artists, community groups, and non-arts related non-profits are NOT eligible for UCF general operating support grants.

Project Grant Eligibility & Procedure
Applications are invited from eligible non-profit organizations or individual artists in need of financial assistance to provide high quality arts programming or an arts project. UCF Project Grants are intended to promote cultural development and expand the public impact of the arts in Broome County. The maximum grant request is $1,000.

ALL potential applicants ARE REQUIRED to consult with the BCAC Executive Director PRIOR TO PREPARING an application to assure that the project is appropriate for consideration. Please schedule a meeting with the Executive Director before January 15th. Attending a seminar does not constitute a consultation. Application Fee: $25 (Waived for current BCAC Members). Applicants for and recipients of UCF general operating support grants are NOT eligible for UCF project grants. Applications are due by 5PM, Friday January 25th.


Grant Workshop Seminar | 5 PM Thursday, January 3rd | BCAC’s conference space at 95 Court Street Binghamton Level 1M

This free seminar will cover information regarding how to apply for a 2019 UCF Grant, and what a UCF grant can be used for.

To reserve a spot, please call BCAC at 607-723-4620 or email awarfield@broomearts.org

Application and Report Forms

Applications must be RECEIVED by 5:00pm Friday, January 25th, 2019, at BCAC’s offices: 95 Court Street, Box 2, Binghamton, NY 13901
Online applications now available.

*NOTE* Any time you make progress on your application, and you wish to pause and resume at a later date you need to RESEND yourself a FRESH link. The fresh link will contain the progress you have made.

*NOTE* do not add attachments or sign to your applications until your application is ready to submit. Formstack does not retain signatures or file attachments using the “save & resume” option available.

2019 UCF GOS Grant Application


2019 UCF Project Grant Application


2019 Interim Report Form

UCF Grant Recipients: please use the above-linked form when reporting throughout the year.

Other Funding Sources

New York State Decentralization Grant Program
Administered by Chenango Arts Council for Broome, Chenango and Otsego Counties.
Notification of intent to apply is required.
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