iDistricts Murals & Mosaics Public Art Project

The Broome County Arts Council (BCAC), in partnership with Broome County Planning Department (BCPD), collaboratively request qualifications (RFQ) from professional artists who wish to be considered for mural design and implementation in one of three Innovation Districts, or “iDistricts” in Broome County: Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott. This project is funded by a $240,000.00 grant from the NYS Department of State. The project aims to create 28 mural and mosaic pieces, within the iDistricts, within a 3 year period. Project stipends will be provided to accepted applicants.

Stay tuned to this webpage and the Broome County Planning Department for updates on the 2022 projects. Learn more about the iDistricts Creative Placemaking Projects, including other murals in Broome County and how to register your property for consideration to receive a mural through the program, here:

Damien Mitchell (Brooklyn, NY)

16 Lewis Street, Binghamton, NY

J Muzacz (Austin, TX)

227 Main Street, Johnson City, NY

Bruce Greig (Binghamton, NY)

Binghamton’s Tree of Life

50 Exchange Street, Binghamton, NY

Lachlan Chambliss (Ithaca, NY)

200 Oak Hill Ave, Endicott, NY

Ivan Roque (Miami, FL)

Welcome to Imagination

240 Main Street, Johnson City, NY

Danaé Brissonnet (Quebec, Canada)

Carousel Head

92 State Street, Binghamton NY

Steven Teller (St. Augustine, FL)

265 Main St, Johnson City NY

Scott Walker (Norfolk, VA)

60 Washington Avenue, Endicott NY

Ian Muldoon (Louisville, KY)

35-41 Washington Avenue, Endicott NY

Carlos Culbertson aka ZuluPainter (St. Petersburg, FL)

68 Exchange Street, Binghamton NY

When will the murals and mosaics begin?

The first projects are expected to begin installation in August, 2021!

Is it too late to get involved?

Buildings and Artists have been selected for 2021 and 2022. Pending artists and buildings are set for the next couple of years. There will be another call for walls for the next two years (into 2024). Send an email to if you are interested as a business owner in the iDistricts area to provide a wall space or food / supportive donation!

Who can apply to be a mural artist?

Individual artists or a collaboration of artists were welcome to apply. Familiarity with working on large scale art construction, assembly, installation and quality materials for creating and maintaining vibrant and lasting murals is required. Local residents, national and international artists were encouraged to apply.

Where will the murals and mosaics be installed?

The Broome County iDistrict includes central, high traffic portions of Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott, NY. Please refer to the maps in the RFQ Guidelines PDF (linked above). Specific mural and mosaic sites will be determined after the artist application process is completed.

Thank You Sponsors

Thank you to the following businesses and organizations for support the artists and this project!